I started with video in around 2006 as a hobby and started to dig the medium, as video is produced out of 25 still frames every second I added photography to my work. Some years later the amount of photography work switched to around 80% against the 20% of the video work. I was shooting for some news agencies as a freelancer, staff photographer for Slovenian government, sports,... you name it, I shot it. Later on I started to look for challenges in fashion photography and moved to Milan. Shot there with all of the biggest model agencies until I got invited to shoot a F1 race. Being a fan since my childhood I fell in love right away, amount of creativity, the thrill and adrenaline levels  I get there, got me hooked to racing photography. Since that day I am putting all of my energy to build my career there. I have been also providing content for Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, F1, Creativ House on projects with Barbara Palvin, Gerard Pique, Dani Alves, Sergio Aguero,... also published by Avtomanija, Motorsport.com, Autosport, Auto Motor und Sport, ...

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